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Some Presentations of Gerhard Hiss

  1. Basic sets, Representations of Reductive Groups, Celebrating the 60-th Birthday of Meinolf Geck, RWTH Aachen University, June 7-9, 2023 [pdf]

  2. On maximal embeddings of finite quasisimple groups, Young Algebraists' Conference 2021, EPFL Lausanne, September 10, 2021 [pdf]

  3. Condensing the Steinberg Module, Computational Group Theory, MFO Oberwolfach, August 15 - 20, 2021 [pdf]

  4. HIM Summer School Logic and Algorithms in Group Theory, HIM Bonn, September 10 - 14, 2018 [Lecture I] [Lecture II] [Lecture III]

  5. Group Theory and Computational Methods, ICTS-TIFR Bangalore, November 05 - 15, 2016 [Lecture I] [Lecture II] [Lecture III] [Lecture IV] [Lecture V] [Exercise sheet for Tutorial 3] [Exercise sheet for Practical Session] [Imprimitive irreducible representations of finite quasisimple groups]

  6. Harish-Chandra Series in Finite Unitary Groups and Crystal Graphs, Séminaire Chevalley, Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7, May 22, 2014 [pdf]

  7. Imprimitive irreducible representations of finite simple groups, The Third International Symposium on Groups, Algebras, and Related Topics, Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the "Journal of Algebra", Beijing, China, June 10 - 16, 2013 [pdf]

  8. Representations of finite groups of Lie type, Summer School Finite Simple Groups and Algebraic Groups: Representations, Geometries and Applications, Berlin, August 31 - September 10, 2009. [Lecture I: Harish-Chandra philosophy] [Lecture II: Deligne-Lusztig theory and some applications] [Lecture III: Representations in non-defining characteristics]

  9. Finite groups of Lie type and their representations, Groups St Andrews 2009 in Bath, University of Bath, August 1 - 15, 2009. [Lecture I] [Lecture II] [Lecture III] [Lecture IV]

  10. Imprimitive irreducible representations of finite quasisimple groups, Matrix Group Recognition, July 27 - 31, 2009, International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh, UK. [pdf]

  11. Distinguished Representations of Finite Classical Groups, Topics in Algebra, University of Milano - Bicocca, 13. May 2009. [pdf]

  12. Problems in the Representation Theory of Finite Groups of Lie Type, Bristol University, Algebra and Geometry Seminar, 10. December 2008. [pdf]

  13. The State of the Modular Atlas Project, Groups and Computation V, Columbus, Ohio, March 17 - 21, 2008. [pdf]

  14. Rechnen mit sporadischen Gruppen, Jahrestagung der DMV 2006, Bonn, 21. 09. 2006. [pdf]

  15. The Modular Atlas Project, A talk given at the 6th Symposium on Algebra and Computation, Tokyo Metropolitan University, November 15 - 18, 2005. [pdf]

  16. Applications of Representation Theory to Compact Flat Riemannian Manifolds. A talk given at the Sixth Century Conference in Representation Theory, University of Aberdeen, October 26 - 29, 2005. [pdf]

  17. Computational Representation Theory of Finite Groups. A talk given at the 11th Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society, University of Coimbra, July 19 - 22, 2004. [pdf]